A little about me

I was born in a cold place called Moscow. I moved to Australia in my 20’s and have been living ‘down under’ ever since.

From there things began in a normal fashion, I went to University and studied for a while. I graduated from Melbourne University’s Victorian College of the Arts with a Bachelor of Fine Art/Sculpture. I then began a career in teaching art in Highschool. Then one day on a day trip to an exhibition, on the beach, my life took a bit of a turn. I found my passion, SAND SCULPTING. Since then I have been glued to my little shovel. This little shovel has taken me around the world to host of beautiful countries and has allowed me to meet many wonderful people, who have helped me hone my skills.

I share my work with world because I hope it will help someone else find their little shovel!

Email: nataliakamenskaia@gmail.com